Before You Rent Tips

We believe an educated customer is a better customer. First, it troubles us to hear stories of bad previous rental experiences with other companies. Second, we don’t want to see anyone taken advantage of or put in harm’s way. Finally, we definitely don’t want to allow this industry to get a bad reputation. Also, no matter who you rent your bounce house or other inflatables from, we hope you find some of our top 10 rental tips useful:

Rental Tip # 1 – Equally important, do not rent from a company that is not insured. Always ask. Morton Amusement is happy to provide a certificate of insurance for your rental.

Rental Tip # 2 -Next, always receive a picture and the dimensions of your inflatable rental unit. In this business, size matters. Different dimensions have different capacities.

Rental Tip # 3 – Ask about the company’s cleaning and sanitation policy. You may be surprised that some companies only clean once a month or not at all. At Morton Amusement, we clean and sanitize upon every rental.

Rental Tip # 4 – Make sure your deposit is refundable if you have to cancel due to inclement weather. Many companies do not offer refunds, but will only provide a “credit” in the event of inclement weather, if they don’t consider your deposit forfeited altogether.

Rental Tip # 5 – Check references. The best price does not matter if the company you book with just does not show up. Morton Amusement is stable, trusted, and reliable; we’ve been a trusted name in inflatable rentals in Rock Hill and surrounding areas for nearly 20 years.

Rental Tip # 6 – Rent American! In our opinion, units built in America are of better quality and are more durable. Support American manufacturing and enjoy better quality!

Rental Tip # 7 – Ask for options. Here at Morton Amusement, many of our customers trust us to take a ballpark budget and submit many packages for them to choose from.

Rental Tip # 8 – Ask what’s included in the price. Many companies have additional charges for local setup and delivery, cleaning and sanitation, and taxes. With Morton Amusement Inflatables, all these are included, and our all-inclusive prices are clear and easy to understand. Also, some companies base their pricing on a 4-hour rental period, sometimes even including setup and tear-down time, and charge you extra for additional time. With Morton Amusement Inflatables, a full-day’s rental is what you’re getting, and you never pay for setup and tear-down time.

Rental Tip # 9 – Confirm your rental. We suggest you confirm your rental via email at booking. This confirmation should include the following:

  • Date
  • Delivery Time
  • Delivery Address
  • Best contact phone number on delivery date
  • Pick Up Time
  • Price
  • Deposit paid
  • Balance due and terms
  • Units reserved
  • Special requests

Rental Tip # 10 – Also, inspect a unit yourself to make sure it is operating properly and that it is properly secured to the ground. You are responsible for the safety of your guests; do not trust someone else’s word for something so crucial.

** In the meantime, we strongly recommend contacting a rental company several days out from your event to reconfirm your rental. finally, at Morton Amusement, careful attention to details with every rental helps to make sure we get it right every time.