Rental Terms

These rental terms are provided for your convenience and are incorporated by reference into your rental contract. If you need help understanding any of these terms, please contact us and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you. Throughout this document, “we,” “us” and “our” refer to Morton Amusement Inflatables, LLC. “You” and “your” refer to the responsible renting party.

Deposits and payments: Once you have reserved a rental unit for a particular time, we take that unit out of inventory for that time slot and it becomes unavailable for other subsequent potential renters. Therefore, We generally charge a small DEPOSIT to confirm your rental reservation, equal to 20% of the rental price (minimum $50). Out-of-town rentals or unusual orders may incur higher deposits at our discretion. For institutional orders, we may choose to waive the deposit for your convenience. (note: a waiver of deposit requirements does NOT relieve a renter of obligation for cancellation fees.)

Unless prior written arrangements are made and agreed upon with our office, the balance of your rental charge is due at the time of delivery (not at the end of your event). A LATE PENALTY of 20% (minimum of $50) will be assessed if, at our discretion, we choose to proceed with your rental and bill you for your balance due. If we do choose to invoice you, that invoice will be due upon receipt and will incur further late charges if not settled within 30 days.

It is very important that you provide WORKING and EFFECTIVE contact information for the day of your event. We will attempt to telephone you or your representative at the number you provide before leaving our warehouse for your delivery. Once your unit(s) are loaded and leave our warehouse, you are responsible for the full rental price. An unsuccessful contact attempt is not considered a valid cancellation.

Cancellations: In the case of inclement weather, we will offer you an opportunity to cancel your event during our call the morning of the delivery. You may choose to cancel at that time with a full refund of your deposit. You may, of course, cancel your rental at least 30 days before the rental date for any reason without penalty, and are entitled to a full refund of your deposit amount. Cancellations after that time are subject to a CANCELLATION FEE equal to 20% of the rental price with a minimum of $50. In lieu of cancellation, you may choose to reschedule your event. In the case of a reschedule within 45 days of the original event date, we may carry forward a credit of up to 100% of your deposit amount. CHANGES: a change of your rental selections, dates, etc. is considered a cancellation and rebooking, and as such is subject to the appropriate cancellation, deposit, and payment policies as outlined above.
Miscellaneous fees: We have children, so safety, cleanliness and sanitation are of utmost importance to us. Each of our rental units is cleaned and inspected between each rental, so at set-up, you can be confident that the unit is clean, sanitized, and in good repair. Except for normal wear and tear, you are responsible for maintaining it that way. In your rental contract, you agree that your guests will not subject our units to any sharp objects, that you will maintain the unit(s) in good operating condition and are responsible for cleanliness (NO silly string!)

There are no hidden fees or add-ons to our rental prices. All rental charges include local delivery, set-up and tear-down, normal cleaning and sanitation, and all applicable taxes. Additional fees will only be incurred due to renter negligence.

  • CLEANING FEE: normal cleaning and sanitation are included in the price of your rental. Excessively dirty units will be assessed a cleaning fee as appropriate, not less than $100.
  • DAMAGE FEE: normal wear and tear is expected, of course. Rips, tears, destruction of fans, water damage, etc. require expensive repairs from our network of service providers. If a renter is found to be negligent in causing such damage, a damage fee will be assessed based on our actual cost for repair or replacement, as necessary. You may also be considered liable for our loss in the event that the unit is unavailable for other scheduled rentals. Our minimum damage fee is $100, and you may be liable for losses up to the full cost of the unit.

Right of substitution: occasionally, circumstances beyond our control may make the specific rental unit you’ve requested unavailable. In those rare cases, we reserve the right to substitute a similar unit of the same type or an appropriate upgrade (at no extra charge). For example: if you request a “Princess Jumper” and it is damaged the previous weekend day by another renter so that it cannot be adequately repaired in time to provide it for your rental, we may opt to provide you with a Princess Combo, which includes a similar bounce area, plus several other features. This rarely actually happens.

Licensing and permits: We are a Rock Hill, SC-based company. We are fully licensed and insured in our jurisdiction. A COI will be provided at no cost by request. All outside licensing, permitting and inspection fees are the responsibility of the renter.

All determinations and judgments applicable to the enforcement of these policies and the assessment of fees are at the sole discretion of Morton Amusement Inflatables, LLC and are final.